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Michele Belloni

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Photographing the differences that make us human.

Born in 1979 into a family of deep Tuscan origins he picked up his first camera as a child and decided not to leave it anymore.

His true passion is the art of capturing the human comedy through a camera and to travel and work for editorial assignments around the world, photographing the differences that make us human.

Over the years has documented the lives of the Spanish Quarters of Naples, in southern Italy, the devastation of the concentration camps as Dachau in Germany, the everyday life of young marginalized Italian skaters and the earthquake in L’Aquila, to name few.

Currently based in Rome, Italy, Michele frequently gives workshops throughout Italy and Europe.

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Interested in purchasing a photograph or to know where will be next workshop? Browse through Michele’s pics here. Email him for inquiries.

He’s actually based in Rome, Italy, but works all over the world on assignment. Any question? Feel free to use the form below to contact Michele. Thank you!

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