Michele Belloni
People Photographer

March 2018

Sony A7III Raw Files And Adobe Compatibility

At the time I write this article, the Sony A7III is so new on the market that no raw development software natively supports its files.

National Geographic Selection

Great day, today. Four of my pictures about the one year lasting project on Porta Portese have been selected from National Geographic photo editors and a note on a particular photo from one of theme has been sent to me publicly and it reports:

A Fashion Soldier

Fashion Soldier - Rome - Michele Belloni Leica Photographer

Shooting a man is not always easy, especially when he is so tall and you are 1,75m! A soldier in front of my lens is something really special and I’m so happy to have met him because before being a model to be photographed, Aldo immediately became a friend of mine.

The Lady Of Glass

Winter Shoot In Tuscany - Mount Amiata - Michele Belloni Leica Nikon Photographer

“What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.”

Winter shoot in the white land of Mount Amiata, Tuscany. One icy model and some good assistants help me get the pictures. Almost 2.000m altitude, around -10°C and at least 1.5 meters of snow under our feet. But the love for photography is this and so much more.

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Photographing the differences that make us human.

Born in 1979 into a family of deep Tuscan origins he picked up his first camera as a child and decided not to leave it anymore.

Currently based in Rome, Italy. Contact him via Telegram or sending an email.

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