24mm Wedding Photography – The Emotional Approach

24mm Wedding Photography – The Emotional Approach

24mm Sony F2.8 For Wedding Photography
24mm Sony F2.8 For my 24mm Wedding Photography style

The 24mm wedding photography is an intimate way of shooting and this is a particular focal length: it allows you to enter the scene by telling the events around you in first person. I can get stuck in the middle of a crowded room and yet get a great photo despite being within a meter of them. It is definitely a lens that allows you to capture the energy of a moment as well as the place where that moment happened.

It allows me to take photographs with slower shutter speed in the evening, during the cutting of the cake or the toasts, with creative blur effects or simply having greater certainty of bringing the result home in a professional way.

This lens can be found in the fixed focal length variants or part of a focal range in some professional zooms: 14-24mm or 24-70mm for example. It is common to find it in f2.8 or f4 variants but I would recommend the brighter version. There are also very wide opened versions like the f1.4, with a relative increase in size, weight and price

24mm Wedding Photography - Michele Belloni
24mm Wedding Photography Arezzo, Tuscany - Michele Belloni

This is up to you, I still prefer remain compact in size and weight with the best compromise of f2.8.

Thanks to the flip-up screens of my Sony professional cameras, it is now very easy to shoot from extreme points of view creating images with a more engaging and dynamic visual impact.

24mm Wedding Photography Rome - Michele Belloni
24mm Wedding Photography Rome - Michele Belloni

Most photographers avoid this lens but I strongly promote its use to guarantee my spouses always different and unique images. And this lens is a part of my workflow and recognizable style.

24mm Wedding Photography Nettuno Rome - Michele Belloni
24mm Wedding Photography Roseto Rome - Michele Belloni

There is no doubt that even the 35mm focal length is a widely used lens among us professionals, allowing us with the only movement of “one step forward or one behind” (if we are talking of a fixed focal length) to have most of the shots you need, but what happens when you don’t have too much room around you?

35mm vs 24mm Wedding Photography

The 24 mm wedding photography approach gives us the security of having shots with the possibility to add part of the background so if we are talking about group photos with relatives or friends, the photographer will not have any difficulties to include everyone.

It is important to say that the 24mm easily captures multiple situations that make the composition interesting and a storytelling with more elements in a single shot, unlike the 35mm that such a situation can capture it without a real “search of the moment” and with the risk of focus the composition on the closest subjects.

Another important difference that those who use or have used both lenses can easily become aware of, is that the 24 mm makes a more “natural” vision, similar to the one of human eye: in the end the pictures as well as remembering the happy moment will also be immersive.

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