The streets of Rome gradually become populated again, thanks to the reopening of some commercial activities.

From the beginning of the emergency and with the provisions passed by the government with a view to limiting travel, the city was rapidly desertifying itself: an apocalyptic scenario was proposed to those who, for proven needs, had to come face to face with this harsh reality.

The queues in the shops are starting again and, sad but true, very often I do not find compliance with the rules (social distancing and correct use of masks) to avoid contagion from Covid-19 and this despite the fact that the Capitoline administration is providing new road signs horizontal near the points of sale: a way in essence, to make people understand where and how to wait for their turn before entering a supermarket, for example, to do the shopping.

The signs, which will be made up of writings and symbols, will above all serve to guarantee social distancing.