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Those Delicate Moments

Wedding Photographer in Florence, Tuscany

Events like weddings can be chaotic, noisy, emotions publicly displayed: one of the biggest challenges for the wedding photographer is capturing the quiet, intimate part of it. Trust, anticipation, skillful observation, right lens selection and a host of other professional choices make it possible to capture these once-in-a-lifetime moments in images that will remind to present people of this “parallel day” and show a

Photo Studio Yes or No?

Studio Fotografico In Toscana e Roma - Michele Belloni Fotografo di Matrimonio

In the world of global digitization, is having a photo studio still a necessity? Let’s talk about it together. I am writing this article at the dawn of a new year, 2022. It sounds futuristic indeed: if I look back to when I was a boy and I imagined 2022 I was thinking of flying cars, strange clothes to wear, very high environmental sustainability

Getting Married On Friday – The Day of Venus

Sposarsi di Venerdì - Matrimonio Nei Giorni Feriali

Even twenty requests for the same day, the usual two or three months. And guess what day it is? SATURDAY. In the past it was done more than for practicality, for superstition: “Of Venus and Mars you don’t get married and don’t leave” (in Italian, it has more sense), popular sayings told us; today we repeat instead that the next day is Sunday and

Professional associations: why choose a certified photographer

Scegliere attentamente il fotografo di matrimonio certificato TAU Visual

A tip above all: choose a certified photographer. How many times have you seen icons and logos of this or that association on the websites of photographers: the less attentive pass by without noticing but, in reality, it would be appropriate to stop and understand who has behind that professional figure you are evaluating as a candidate for your wedding photographs. There are all

How Much Does The Wedding Photographer Cost

Prezzi Fotografo Matrimonio Roma Firenze Toscana Viterbo Siena Italia

“Today people know the price of everything and the value of nothing.” Oscar Wilde Choosing a photographer for your wedding is always a fundamental moment, having this professional role, in fact, the great responsibility of making you remember your special day in future years. Pictures will be, concretely, the only thing that will remain tangible about your wedding. The price therefore becomes an important

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