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Street Portraits Photography: Better To Ask Or “Steal” Them?

street portraits comparison

Better an asked portrait or a stolen photo? It depends.

I do not think there is a definition of the best way in absolute but rather a mix of internal and external factors that determine the best choice from time to time.

Leica, a “Real” Camera

Portaportese Flea Market in Rome - Michele Belloni Leica Photographer

A few days ago a strange thing happened: I asked an old man in a historical market here in Rome to pose for an environmental portrait, and after I photographed him I was asked to view the photo.

The 35mm For All Your Needs

35mm photography

Is 50mm lens really the king of versatility?

There are those who say that 50mm is the most versatile lens on the planet. I think it’s the 35mm instead.

With a 35mm I can go out of my home really light and take photos of street, landscape, reportage, environmental and studio portraits.

If I had to choose only one lens in my kit to carry on my trips, it would be 35mm. Oh damn it… I already do it!

Wide Angle Street Photography

Street photography is perhaps the highest form of free interpretation of what is today’s society.

The way to achieve moments of real life is always a free choice of the photographer but with experience we understand which lenses are most suitable than others.

How To Approach People In Street Photography

Street photography or, more generally, reportage style photography, involves and thrill photographer and the observer capturing unique, funny, tense moments of a fraction of daily life.

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Photographing the differences that make us human.

Born in 1979 into a family of deep Tuscan origins he picked up his first camera as a child and decided not to leave it anymore.

Currently based in Rome, Italy, Michele frequently gives workshops throughout Italy and Europe.

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