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Michele Belloni

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Anna, The Queen Of The Stall – Porta Portese Flea Market. Rome, 2017

The Queen Of The Stall - Michele Belloni Leica Photographer
Walking through the tight path inside this historic market, my eyes noticed a woman who gave animated directions to her employees.

Marcello (Again), Porta Portese Flea Market – Rome, 2017

Porta Portese Flea Market Rome Italy - Michele Belloni Leica Photographer

Again, walking by the usual streets of Porta Portese, I jokingly approached my -actually well known- friend Marcello to call his name loud from the back. He got shaken and recognizes me quickly, smiles and says:

“Angela” – Porta Portese Flea Market – Rome, Italy

Angela Porta Portese Market Rome Italy Europe - Michele Belloni Leica Photographer

Angela is one of the most affable people you can meet in the historic Roman market.

Summer In Rome Subway

Rome Subway - Michele Belloni Leica Photographer

Into the Rome subway, unusually empty on a Sunday noon in summer time, I sat near an elderly man who, to focus on reading his book, plugged an ear with his finger.

Adobe vs FujiFilm X-Trans: How To Sharpen An Image

Adobe and FujiFilm X-Trans Sharpening

From the beginning Adobe and FujiFilm X-Trans sensors do not seem to love each other. However, I read everyday about unsatisfied people and concentrate myself more on finding a way to use Lightroom or Camera Raw as the main development software.

Franco – Portaportese (Rome, 2017)

Franco - Portaportese Market - Rome 2017 - Michele Belloni Photographer

After many times I back to this ancient market, I finally take a photo of this incredible character: Franco. He walks without shoes, wears only asian style clothes and is really a positive man (but it was way difficult to photograph him during these weeks).

Alessandro – Portaportese (Rome, 2017)

Angelo - Portaportese Market - Rome 2017 - Michele Belloni Street Photography

I met this man at the market some days ago, while I was walking to meet some good friends.

Franca, Campo De Fiori Market (Rome)

Franca - Campo De Fiori Market - Rome - Michele Belloni Leica Photographer

Walking with a Leica around my neck into one of the historic markets in the heart of Rome, I noticed an elderly woman who seemed agitated with one of her clients.

Marcello – Portaportese Flea Market (Rome, 2017)

Gianfranco - Portaportese Flea Market in Rome - Michele Belloni Leica Photographer

It is very hot today in Rome.

I was walking in Portaportese flea market with few but good photos to bring back home for my personal project in that market, when I heard myself calling from behind with a loud voice “Leica! Take me a picture with your Leica!

Fujifilm Firmware Updates Available

Fujifilm Firmware Updates

Fujifilm firmware updates just released for the following cameras:

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Born in 1979 into a family of deep Tuscan origins he picked up his first camera as a child and decided not to leave it anymore.

Currently based in Rome, Italy, Michele frequently gives workshops throughout Italy and Europe.

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