Getting Married On Friday – The Day of Venus

Even twenty requests for the same day, the usual two or three months. And guess what day it is? SATURDAY.

In the past it was done more than for practicality, for superstition: “Of Venus and Mars you don’t get married and don’t leave” (in Italian, it has more sense), popular sayings told us; today we repeat instead that the next day is Sunday and we rest, guests do not have to take holidays and so on.

Let’s stop and think for a moment: although often more comfortable, there are not only Saturdays and Sundays to get married, but also weekdays including Friday.

Saturday is a practical day for holidays, as mentioned, to be able to rest the day after the celebration but it is difficult to find offers and savings, availability of suppliers and free dates.

Almost 80% of couples choose Saturdays in May, June and September, leaving many practical and economic dates free: August, for example, is a month that is coming back in trend as well as April and the weekdays are reappearing also not too timidly.

Especially for the usual problems related to Sundays, where celebrants tend to discourage wedding rites so as not to overlap them with religious services, often moving them to the afternoon (but the next day we work!). And the civil ceremony is unthinkable as no one would come on Sunday to celebrate it. The choice thus becomes practically obligatory: a symbolic rite.

If the main reason for choosing Saturday is to avoid guests having to ask for holidays at work, we can only ask them for a few hours of leave, actually carrying out the event on Friday afternoon, thus also avoiding exhausting temperatures present in these beautiful seasons of my country, Italy. 

Then think about economic question: savings can be really high. Several caterers and venues lower the price for those who choose a midweek day and frequently the savings are quite substantial. Making discounts on Saturdays is not convenient for anyone but Fridays are not so easy to fill, getting good offers and serenity: no rush, no competition, the possibility of doing the ritual you want and having fewer people around and consequently less traffic and less unexpected loss of time.

And just think, getting married on a Friday is even a good omen since it is the day of Venus, the goddess of love.

Some benefits to consider when getting married on a Friday:

  1. You will have the whole weekend at your disposal
    By getting married on a Friday, you will have the opportunity to reserve Saturday and Sunday to sleep late and rest, you can treat yourself to a first romantic intimate lunch for newlyweds, and much more in complete freedom.
  2. You will avoid overlaps with other couples and events
    It is likely that for the chosen location you will be the only banquet of the day, thus having all the deserved attention of the staff, no rush and a quiet environment. This will also decrease the chances of overlapping with other weddings of family or friends.
  3. Lots of choice, lots of options
    Probably the biggest advantage is that will open you up to many more possibilities of choosing the location and place of the ceremony. Not to mention flower designers, caterers, photographers and all the other professionals who will be more free and ready to devote themselves completely to you, perhaps even with some special offers.
  4. No time limit
    The guests will be more relaxed aware that the next day they will not work and can party until late night. Time quality, certainly improved.
  5. Post wedding photo sessions
    You will be among the privileged few to be able to organize an additional session with your photographer the day after the wedding, relaxed and without performance anxieties, such as the classic Trash The Dress or simply a half day of fun, sincere and authentic photographs even more than those of your wedding day. You can also decide to involve your closest friends and relatives in exclusive sessions dedicated only to a select few.

Have I convinced you, just a little? To be honest I don’t really need to convince anyone, it’s simply a smarter and cheaper way to enjoy the same special day that everyone is celebrating a few hours after you.

Despite the very abnormal last two years, due to this pandemic, I am finding in my agenda more and more couples who decide to fulfill their dream on weekdays and, very often, on Fridays. And it is a win-win situation for all because the spouses have more choice, greater savings and more quality of service from all operators. We professionals have an extra day of guaranteed work during a hectic and very, very concentrated season.

But above all, I have to admit, I would be forced to say no to far fewer couples because their date has already been booked. And this, believe me, is humanly very painful.

What do you think of this trend about getting married on a Friday? Leave a comment below.

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