How Much Does The Wedding Photographer Cost

“Today people know the price of everything and the value of nothing.”

– Oscar Wilde –

Choosing a photographer for your wedding is always a fundamental moment, having this professional role, in fact, the great responsibility of making you remember your special day in future years. Pictures will be, concretely, the only thing that will remain tangible about your wedding.

The price therefore becomes an important element in choosing a photographer over another one, along with going crazy for his photographic style.

Costs range from a minimum of € 1,500 to even more than € 10,000.

But what determines these often really huge, differences?

The answer is given by the positioning of the photographer on the market, by the presence or absence of one or more photo albums, any canvases and prints, the quantity of photographers present during the day and so on.

But above all, a wedding photo shoot must be carefully designed around the couple, so this price variation depends a lot on individual needs.

Just think that a single handmade wedding album can easily reach the cost of 500-600 Euros excluding VAT to the photographer (of course it depends on the realization, the number of pages, the type of paper, the cover, the binding), to which we must add small albums for families, shipping costs, VAT.

A photographer must then consider out-of-pocket, taxes and commercial expenses, any insurance for the equipment and for himself, the management of his business, marketing, software licenses, constant training and so on.

In short, in a wedding service you pay not only for the realization of the photographs itself but for everything about that photographer. And this is right, because it is a constant guarantee of quality and professionalism towards the couples who choose him/her and these virtues need to be adequately rewarded.

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