Professional Associations: Why Choose a Certified Photographer

A tip above all: choose a certified photographer.

How many times have you seen icons and logos of this or that association on the websites of photographers: the less attentive pass by without noticing but, in reality, it would be appropriate to stop and understand who has behind that professional figure you are evaluating as a candidate for your wedding photographs.

There are all kinds of associations: from those that give away prizes and win contests of dubious utility for the end customer, but so dear to the photographer’s ego, to those that bring with them real guarantees that protect the photographer and the client.

This is the case of TAU Visual, National Association of Professional Photographers Of Italy (of which I have been a member for many years now), which is constantly committed to guaranteeing a code of ethics among professionals of this and other photographic sectors, with clear price lists suggested, transparent documentation, constantly creating a kind of market standard that acts as a guarantee for both parts.

My contracts for wedding photography services, for example, are drawn up on these guidelines as well as the protection of the client’s privacy is structured on their teachings. All the nearly two thousand photographers belonging to the association are committed to respecting a Code of Ethics to guarantee the customer, the first code to be adopted – in 1992 – in the photographic sector.

On average, a certified photographer invests heavily in his training, has professional and always up-to-date equipment, as well as professional knowledge and skills certified by the association itself.

Relying on a professional means entrusting those who have acquired experience, competence and mastery of the niche over the years, means having a contact person available for everything related to the photographic part of your wedding.

In summary, to give clarity to those looking for a photographer for their wedding, the advantages of choosing a certified one are:

  • Proven experience in the niche
  • Constant training
  • Code of conduct
  • Online and offline privacy protection
  • Always up to date and maintained gear

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