“People only look at the world through the eyes of their profession.” – Boris Ostanin –

What about the wedding gear? The equipment for all of us is one of the reasons why we enter this visual art, there is no need to deny it. It is a fetish and must be controlled, otherwise it risks senselessly consuming our finances.

Although, let’s face it, buying a new camera or a new lens gives us so much joy and energy that it is immediately visible in the photos we are going to take.

When a couple decides to rely on a photographer, they should inquire about the kind of equipment he/she uses, its maintenance and professional certifications that guarantee continuous check-ups and quick timings on replacements and assistance for bodies and optics (take a look to my certifications).

I have been a photographer for over twenty-two years and over time I have tried all the existing brands in the DSLRsrangefinders and mirrorless area. And with the advent of the latter I understood the great series of advantages that technology has brought to the world of photography, especially the professional one. Speaking of innovation, we must mention Sony, which has always invented, innovated being revolutionary: and it is in photography that it has dictated laws, forcing its competitors to adapt to new market rules, raising the bar of performance and quality to every new product launch, whether cameras or lenses.

The value that a modern mirrorless camera offers to us photographers is immense: to give an example, it is enough to remind myself when at the end of every wedding day I had anxiety and anguish of going back to the studio to check the focus and the absence of blur in my client’s pictures: two problems now completely solved thanks to flawless autofocus and phenomenal image stabilizers of these cameras. Now I can concentrate much more on the compositional and expressive part instead of continually making sure that the subject is perfectly in focus, looking away from the scene and losing unrepeatable moments.

The era of DSLR cameras, for me, has passed since I picked up my first Sony A7RII. Definitely.

To date I choose Sony once again and with the rewarding title of Sony Pro Photographer I tell you about my equipment with which I make the wedding shots you see here on the site or on the Instagram profile.

My style is a mix of high fashion editorial photography and photojournalistic one: to support it, I therefore focus exclusively on very fast fixed focal lenses, high resolution sensors with a very wide dynamic range.

What’s In My Bag


The editing sessions, essential in the digital world we live in today, is completely developed in first person with professional quality guaranteed by over twenty years in the photo editing sector.

I exclusively use Apple environment to guarantee security and freedom from viruses and malware in files you will receive, precision and calibration of monitors for a perfect rendering of every single shade in your photos.

If you like, check out my wedding portfolio to see what my gear can do.

Wedding Editing Lightroom Presets Photoshop - Michele Belloni Wedding Photographer
Hand prints pinkish - Michele Belloni Tuscany Wedding Photographer

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