How To Deal With Wedding Stress

How To Deal With Wedding Stress

The wedding day is marked by many often conflicting emotions, but one of the most present is certainly the anxiety that increases as you approach the moment of the fateful “YES”.

The expectations, preparation, relatives who arrive, friends who involuntarily create states of stress for the bride, and finally the photographers.

Yes, photographers can often be one of the concomitant causes of generating anxiety in the bride.

Continuously pointing the lens at the bride, asking her to put herself in a thousand poses, moving objects to create improvised sets, improvising coordinators of the present people create annoyance and agitate the bride.

This is why my approach is always discreet, almost invisible, without any use of flashes or forced poses by the client: the day must be captured in a natural way, revealing all the most sincere emotions that develop continuously.

One of the most important skills a photographer can have is to keep calm under pressure, and by extension, to reassure your clients if needed. Experienced wedding photographers have attended hundreds of weddings so should have seen most things before.

Now the secret to becoming a discreet photographer. The key is mind set. Mind set.

Wedding Stress - Michele Belloni Tuscany Wedding Photographer

It is therefore necessary to organize oneself in order to limit any form of superfluous wedding stress, with some points that I consider important or even fundamental from my point of view: that of a professional photographer.

1) Avoid doing everything alone: get help from a professional who refers to the name of Wedding Planner.

2) Do not procrastinate, avoiding arriving at the last minute on every organizational aspect.

3) Keep your goals and expectations realistic, don’t go overboard. It is not humanly possible to please everyone, so you might as well relax a little.

4) Rely on real professionals. I speak for my sector but it applies to every other wedding supplier: look for opinions, reviews, presence on the web and in the real world, look for previous events where they show their real commitment and then choose a maximum of two of them to put on a ballot.

The choice of the photographer, to stay in my sector, is often relegated to the price or to the knowledge through word of mouth of friends or relatives but I consider this a big mistake.

Wedding Stress - Michele Belloni Tuscany Wedding Photographer

Since photographs and videos are the only tangible emotions that will remain with you for the rest of your life, it is good to select the wedding photographers who are closest to your idea of style, with approaches compatible with your way of being (discreet people rather than stage star). Check his credentials, certifications, investments he makes both in photographic equipment and in personal training.

Ask him to show you previously photographed weddings and, if possible, in what will be your location.

It is not even necessary to make a physical appointment, risking to waste time traveling and parking, but simply via video call from the comfort of your own sofa at home.

In short, managing wedding stress is possible with small tricks but above all by remembering that it will be your special day, the day you will always remember, so it must be lived with tranquility and happiness starting from your personal attitude.

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