Francesco, also called Franco, was certainly one of the most difficult characters to approach. I noticed him for the first time in the summer, while he was walking barefoot on the hot Roman asphalt. Dressed only with Indian clothes and, unlike her rude looks, he is a very nice man.

But to succeed in photographing him, there have been many attempts to approach it in more and more weeks. I remember we start talking about good vibes and energy vampires, the kind of people who suck every vital force even just standing around you.

The last time I met him, he pulled out an old film camera from the 1960s and confided to me that he would bring it with him now in November, as he returned to India (Goa), until next May.

He is the clear example of how perseverance and visual contact repeated over time can be effective in photography. He’s now accustomed to my presence. Many times I went by asking him for a picture, but I felt that that right feeling was lacking… then talking about good vibes, positive thinking and India, I found the right channel to bring back home a few pictures.

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