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Hi I am Michele, an Italian Wedding Photographer

“It is necessary to hurry if you want to see something, everything disappears.”

Paul Cezanne
Michele Belloni - Wedding Photographer in Tuscany

My name is Michele Belloni and I am an Italian wedding photographer specialized in high end events.

I travel all over Tuscany, Rome, Venice, Como, the Amalfi Coast, Capri and Sorrento to photograph your wedding. I am ready to follow you wherever your special day takes place, both in Italy and in the rest of the world.

The endless search for the aesthetics of beauty allowed me to refine and define a style made up of editorial fashion with a photojournalistic approach, whose narrative part derives from my constant travel portraying people and cultures that are profoundly different from each other.

The Beginning

It all began with an digital design course: my teacher noticed that I was far ahead of all my classmates and one day he approached me, he took me out of the classroom saying “you already know everything we are explaining here: come with me I want to show you something“.

He took me in front of a room nearby, on the same floor as that building born to train digital artists, opened the door and everything was completely dark, I could not distinguish anything inside.

He turned on the light, a very bright red light, and I realized that it was really a new beginning for me: a dark room. It was the year 1999 and I decided that this thing, photography, would become my main passion and vocation without imagining that it would soon turn into a full time job that would follow me for over twenty years and would invade and pervade every molecule of my body, every moment of my time.

I love to devote myself to wedding photography documenting ceremonies of different religions and traditions.


Professional photographer associated with TAU Visual (Italian National Association of Professional Photographers), I’m specialize in various fields of photography, in particular weddings and portraits. I am a Sony Pro official photographer.


I create a wedding reportage that tells your day capturing the spontaneity, lightness and emotions of every moment, following the natural flow of events on tiptoe without interfering. With my shots I capture every detail by creating a story that you can relive whenever you wish.

My Method

I make you feel completely at ease in front of the lens, capturing every nuance of your personality and every significant moment of the long-awaited day. My approach is wedding reportage mixed with fashion editorial style, a real story through images of your special day.

Territorial Coverage

I work mainly in Tuscany and Rome but I am available to travel throughout the whole Italian territory and abroad, to meet your needs.

TAU Visual - Associazione Nazionale Fotografi Professionisti
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