Before you can even begin to learn how to take the best pictures while on the road, you need to know a few things about the actual traveling part of the travel photography.

Leaving for a photographic journey means, from my point of view, having a precise project in mind made up of an environment, a subject, a story.

But everything always starts from the usual place: home.

Once we have our story to tell, begin to organize the trip broadly by understanding how to get there, how long to stay, where to stay, what to bring, what socio-political situation we will find, the climate and… a local guide.

Keyword: study.

Let’s say that we have a story to tell and that we have set ourselves a series of trips that will take us to distant and uncomfortable lands to take pictures of our subjects in several sessions.

As easy as it can be today to find information on the net, to study avidly everything related to the country we are about to visit from every possible source will facilitate our stay and will give us temporal and practical advantages once we are away from our comforts, uses and customs.

Giving particular weight to the socio-political situation is the initial need and, in each state, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs provides a site where it is possible to monitor hot and dangerous areas in real time. Traveling safe, as far as possible, is a priority over any creative fondness you have in mind, especially if you are not going there well paid.

La Farnesina - Foreign Italian Minister
La Farnesina – Foreign Italian Minister

In the next articles I will deal with topics such as the climate, internal movings and international flights, local festivals, accommodation, essential equipment and accessories.