International flights and local transportation are the most expensive part of your journey’s organization. Take the cheaper and quickest flights booking early: plane tickets jump in price during the final three weeks before departure and some online services like Google Flights and Kayak give you a price prediction if ticket prices will increase, decrease, or remain the same.

Remember to carefully check the go and back flight hours considering the local times of destinations, avoiding so to waste whole days of total amount of your trip time by landing at the evening of the first day, for example. Make the most out of the days you can.

Local Transportation

Once you’re there the most exciting option as a photographer for getting around is to choose local transportation. Internal flights, buses, trains and characteristic means of transport of each individual region you visit are preferable compared to what of touristic you can find out. It is there that people’s real life unfolds and the most interesting photographically speaking situations are revealed to the photographer

Using public transportation system, indeed, can be a nice way to save money and live like a local, but it also presents some risk.

This is a short list of what I suggest you to check while traveling by local means.

  • Look for an official badge or permit for taxi and local drivers (try to ask to your temporary home or hotel’s concierge)
  • Bring enough local change so you can buy drinks and food during the trip
  • Keep close control over your bags and packages
  • Know exactly where you are going
  • Know how to call for emergency help by searching the local police number
  • Be courteous
  • Be clean
  • If you travel by night bring warm clothes (not just for external climate, but for the air conditioning inside the train/bus)

Be careful but have fun with public transport.