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Pictorial Portrait

“There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment.”

Robert Frank

The style of the pictorial portrait is what for me combines the visual art of photography and painting with a strictly personal interpretation of the photographed subject. If you want to be portrayed by me, drop a line.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why a pictorial portrait photo?

A portrait photograph helps to fix a date or an important event in a person’s life over time. With the passage of time we tend to take second place with respect to the events or people who cross our path, but this is certainly a mistake, because having portraits in the various periods of your life will be important first of all for us, but even for those who love us, being in fact the visual legacy we leave behind.

Who is the pictorial portrait suitable for?

From children to seniors, the pictorial portrait enhances every age and historical moment of the portrayed person.

When does the pictorial portrait photo shoot take place?

There are no limits indoors: on any day of the week, time of year, time of day. Outdoors it is good to evaluate the weather situation based on the result you want to obtain.

When should the photo shoot be booked?

I accept a limited number of private customers therefore I recommend booking in advance to find availability.

Where does the shooting take place?

Thanks to the concept of smart working applied to photography, the service takes place comfortably at your home if space permits, otherwise in the studio in Rome. On request we organize trips for shooting on location or at the customer’s home.

Are make up and hair styling included in the services?

No makeup is needed for juniors but hair styling is often necessary. Both adults and seniors need these services and I have professionals with whom I have been collaborating for many years.

Are clothing and accessories included?

We have special clothes and accessories available to create equally unique moods and styles. However, we consider clothing a very personal thing and we advise the customer to show us what she has and what she loves about her clothing in order to be able to use it.

How long does the shooting last?

Depending on the chosen service, from 2 to 6 hours, of which about an hour is dedicated to hair style & make up.

Are prints included in the services?

With each service, the highest quality photographs and web optimized versions are sent by email. We offer the possibility of printing on different supports and materials, fully customizable even of large dimensions. We can print the images or we will have fun designing a photo book together.

Who is attending?

It can be just you, or you can invite friends, family or your partner. The atmosphere will always be relaxed and fun.

How will the photographs be delivered?

Once the photo session is over, I will prepare a private web gallery so that you can see all the final and post photographs produced, from the comfort of your home or office choosing the ones you will eventually want to print. Then I will send you the digital files of the final photos both at maximum and web optimized resolution.

How long will it take to receive the photos?

On average, I digitally deliver the pictures within 14 days from the date of the shooting.

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