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Michele Belloni

Ariccia (Rome)


Ariccia is one of the most popular places near Rome, where the bond with pork and its production boasts a thousand-year tradition. The first “Porchetta di Ariccia” festival dates back to 1950, with the aim of celebrating this product and since then every year this evocative event is held, where the pork is offered on tables decorated for the party by sellers dressed in traditional clothes.

One of the main distinctive characteristics of the product is the crunchiness of the crust. Its savory flesh is colored between white and pink and enriched by the wise use of rosemary, black pepper and garlic.

Every year in September this Festival of “Porchetta” (pork) takes place in the historic center of Ariccia, on the main square of the town. This festival received its birth in 1950, thanks to a group of friends with a passion for this product. There are food stalls but also entertainment ones for children and adults.

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