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Michele Belloni

Campo De’ Fiori (Rome)


Markets in Rome are so many, but some are definitely historic. Among the most traditional, the market of Campo De’ Fiori, in the hearth of the city, certainly stands out. Smells, colors, tastes, and people are the ones that testify an Italian capital that no longer exists anymore.

From the surly Franca who defends her vegetables but opens herself in a friendly way after a few words about her beloved soccer team to the cute Bruno who immediately becomes available and ready to be photographed.

About Franca: walking with my trusty Leica around my neck I noticed an elderly woman who seemed agitated with one of her clients. I approached and heard that she spoke in a typical and very colorful Roman language.

Being totally engrossed and concentrating only on the sale of her food, Franca is reluctant to be photographed, and if anyone approaches her to try to steal a picture, she berrated them severely.

But I decided to try to play the long game and and get the shot.

I started walking around her stall, pretending to be interested in vegetables and fruits, then with a trivial excuse I started a conversation.

In a few minutes she was showing me earrings about her beloved soccer team, and chatting on how the market has changed over the last years.

After ten minutes of talking and with sales going well, I asked if I could photograph her, and she accepted with good will.

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