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Michele Belloni

Munich (Germany)


“Of one thing there is no doubt: if Paris makes demands of the heart, then Munich makes demands of the stomach.”
– Rachel Johnson –

Munich in Bavaria, the Bavarian capital geographically speaking, and the beer capital in practical terms. A half liter bottle of water costs about four euro and a Maßkrug (1 liter of beer) exactly half.

Photographically speaking it is a city full of ideas: churches, squares, monuments and many people traditionally dressed running on the streets in shorts and socks up to their knees even with fairly cold temperatures.

Marienplatz with its buildings, full of tourists, it’s indisputably a place for inspiration to find typical situations for street photography. Adjacent to the square there is the most important market in Munich, Viktualienmarkt, where to vent our desires to photograph extremely typical German situations, rich in pure simple everyday scenes.

In Munich, however, we must also visit its beautiful public gardens, among weeping willows and streams surrounded by ducks and crows, swans and squirrels. A place for sports but also for tranquility and inner search, where to dedicate some time to landscape and wildlife photography. And if it happens, like it did to me, you find yourself in the middle of an unexpected snowfall, then you will enjoy unique scenery.

Public transportation is another great inspirational photo subject. The bus and trams can take you quickly into the outskirts to let you have a taste of the real quality of life and people. The subway line (very efficient), however, is full of unrepeatable situations with people and decisive moments. Always keep the camera on here!

Roaming around on foot the last day, in search of the Bavaria statue, just before the return flight, I came across a semidesert funfair, held by eastern european families. A semi abandoned Ferris wheel, not exactly a new attraction and that dense atmosphere that alone could create an independent reportage.

But the most intense memory of this trip in the Bavarian capital will always remain the excursion out of the city towards the town of Dachau, infamous for being the site of the first nazi concentration camp.

The kindness of the people, the beauty of women and the high quality of life, make Munich a destination that absolutely cannot be missed on your itinerary as a backpacker.

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