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Michele Belloni

The Palio (Siena)


The palio is a metaphor, it’s the mirror of life and death.
– Paolo Frajese –

35 horses ready to challenge and the streets of Siena (Tuscany) smells of excitement. There are many Italian traditions out there but this one in particular, it’s dear to my heart.

I’m Tuscan so I grew up with the myth of the Palio of Siena. An event that moves a whole city throughout the year, which makes the summer unique and for me it is synonymous of warmth, party and, indeed, summer.

I tried to bring home something different, not the usual horses and jockeys pictures, but the backstage and the life in town while waiting for the long awaited horse race.

Flags, colors, tourists and locals into parades, festivals and all over the usual everyday routine simply more colorful.

This is a long term project started in 2017 so it will be updated constantly.

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