An institution in this local market: true italian cuisine in a sandwich in Roman “sauce” is a must for lovers of this city street food. Grandma’s cooking in a sandwich, this is the idea, as simple as it is brilliant, which is the basis of Sergio‘s counter.

His assumption is that all the typical dishes of Roman cuisine can be enjoyed not only sitting at the table of a restaurant but also in a sandwich, walking while tasting it. Every day, dozens and dozens of soft bread are lightly dipped in broth and then stuffed with meat cut on the spot or with vegetables rigorously prepared by hand on the same day.

Sausages and chicory, “scottona” meat with rocket and cherry tomatoes, Roman artichoke with pecorino cheese flakes, tripe, fried or tomato meatballs, stewed veal or chicken are just some of the most succulent proposals of Sergio’s passion and job.