Writing about the city of L’Aquila today, witness through photography the city that rises, the city hostage of new town’s precariousness and the city where time has stopped the night of April 6, 2009. Give a voice and a face to L’Aquila that reacts and struggle, day after day, with civil stubbornness, to maintain social cohesion and get again its territories, its lost identity, crushed by the earthquake.

To achieve this project, 35 Italian photographers (initially, now over hundred), including myself, who shared the idea of creating an entirely self-financed initiative : the challenge of a large collective narrative born with the aim of offering a contribution to re-engage attention to L’Aquila seven years after the earthquake of April 6, 2009.

This year is the tenth anniversary of that sad day that inexorably changed the lives of a city, a region, a nation that still holds its grief despite a grueling slowness of public institutions in rebuilding houses and people’s lives: they want their dignity back.