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Michele Belloni

Tag: documentary

Tips For Your Reportage Project

A quick list of tips from my direct field experience about telling a story with photography.

Those who approach photography sooner or later feel the desire to tell something with a camera. Often with just one photo, starting to do what is now called street photography, with the possibility in some cases of using a single image for a whole story.

How To Approach People In Street Photography

“People may hear your words, but they feel your attitude.”
– John C. Maxwell –

Documentary photography, involves and thrill photographer and the observer capturing unique, sometimes funny, sometimes tense moments of a fraction of daily life.

But what is it that, actually, makes some photographers unique during their travels around the world? The photographed subjects, often real photographs of genuine people posing and casually met just moments before.

The Big Day

Stay tuned for more infosMarch 1, 2019
11 days to go.

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