During a trip to Sicily, I went to visit the temple of Segesta near Trapani, on the tip of the island closest to Tunisia and therefore to the African continent. Perched in the middle of the green hills, the Temple dominates the surrounding countryside, really well preserved: it is ideal to go and visit it if you are in this area.

The temple does not have a roof because it has simply never been finished and about 400 meters away from it there is the theater which is still used during the summer to host concerts and theatrical performances. At least when we are not in full Covid-19 pandemic.

But the buses that take you to the temple were for me the real source of inspiration for taking pictures: it’s here that people flock to get to the top and enjoy the show, that the most unexpected and fun situations happened and that, as often as I can see, there are young visitors not too happy to go among ancient ruins when they could enjoy the wonderful sea that surrounds the island.

The heat of southern Italy can be really extreme in the middle of summer, like when I last returned for a photo assignment in Sicily, and shooting light with just one camera can actually make a difference. My advice is always the same: a single camera, as compact as possible, and a single lens and the world will be in your hands.