It hasn’t been long since, walking through the streets of Rome, I came across an unusual scene: a boy from the East Europe who abandoned every fixed abode to travel the world, was playing the guitar accompanied by the rooster that to the sound of certain chords sang a shrill and strong melody.

Intrigued by the scene, after taking some photographs I wanted to deepen this contact and I started talking to the guy who, as often happens on these occasions, immediately proved to be friendly and ready to tell his story.

A guitar, a feathered friend, an old cell phone to let his loved ones know that he is doing just fine and nothing more than the total freedom of choice to face life without constraints or rules dictated by others. A point of view that, as I get older, I feel more and more to share.

Also on this occasion, having a light, compact, fast and reliable camera with me allowed me to take home the decisive shot of the day.