Unplugged wedding, i.e. the disconnected wedding, the one without smartphones, tablets and cameras of any kind: it is the new trend that helps to regain the moments experienced by the truth of a day as important and exciting as the wedding!

An “unplugged wedding” is when a couple getting married have made a decision that they would prefer if their wedding guests didn’t take photos and/or upload them to social media.

Thinking about it, in fact, for the anxiety of capturing the moment you completely lose sight of the goal of “being there”, of “being here and now”, of “living the emotions” that you are probably missing to take the photo.

But how can we politely communicate it to our guests? First of all a note to be delivered with the participations. A courteous invitation, of course, in which the reasons must be explained: leveraging your “being together” and “living the magic” is the most honest and right thing to write!

Then there are some nice “signs” to be displayed at the entrance of the ceremony or location, on which the concept of “putting smartphones and cameras away” is reaffirmed. How: from the simple design of the barred camera, to an invitation and explanation text like the one in the invitations, to a mocking phrase, all based on your style and way of interpreting the wedding.

Finally, if you have a wedding planner who follows you, a kind invitation by word always made at the entrance of the ceremony room could be particularly incisive.

So the positives are that your guests will listen and interact more with each other without constantly checking their phone, your professional photos won’t be compromised and every guests’ privacy, including yours, is respected.

You don’t have to have an entirely unplugged wedding from start to finish.

Your ceremony is the perfect time to ask guests to put their phones away and enjoy the moment: your priest/celebrant/officiant can make an announcement at the beginning and end of the ceremony.

Stay in love, stay unplugged.