Those Delicate Moments

Those Delicate Moments

Events like weddings can be chaotic, noisy, emotions publicly displayed: one of the biggest challenges for the wedding photographer is capturing the quiet, intimate part of it.

Trust, anticipation, skillful observation, right lens selection and a host of other professional choices make it possible to capture these once-in-a-lifetime moments in images that will remind to present people of this “parallel day” and show a new story for the first time to those who that day couldn’t experience it firsthand.

Since much of my work as a wedding photographer involves observing human nature, I realize that I need an almost anthropological approach to my subjects.

Working for many years in this sector, I quickly learned how to get to the genesis of an emotion, how to capture a thousand words of feeling in a single image, frozen for eternity. Often it’s the little moments, the wordless reactions to events, that have the most power.

These unique moments are searchable in different places during a wedding, but only if you are focused on and deliberately seeking.

The pure and untouched by any reaction shot is a precious resource in wedding photography and it is this type of personal connections that I as a photographer want to immortalize.

There are times when the emotions flows stronger between two people: having something else in the frame would distract from the connection that is developing. At that moment intuition comes into play.

Imagine a father of the bride walking into a room and seeing his daughter in her veil and dress for the first time. My job is to anticipate the impending reaction and completely isolate it from the rest of the situation. Here, instinct and experience are the two most precious tools.

Proper equipment, planning, and a good dose of luck can lead to stunning visual results. But as any professional will tell you, luck is that wonderful thing that happens when you are prepared.

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