In the basement of the Testaccio Market there is a world to be discovered. Years of excavations and restorations have brought to light the remains of an ancient “horreum“, a storage warehouse from the Roman era, which still contains hundreds of amphorae and artifacts.

The Testaccio market is a local food market in the Testaccio neighborhood, located in the south-east of the center of Rome, rich in history and known by many as a gastronomic hotspot. The Testaccio market was born in the historic main square of the neighborhood, until 2012, when it was moved to a more modern location nearby.

The market attracts a variety of people. You will see locals buying fresh products such as fruit, vegetables, meats and cheeses. Families sitting together to eat a big lunch, children running around, friends at the cool bar “Chicchi e Lettere” (Beans and Letters, Box 43) chatting having a coffee. It’s a mixed audience, and that’s what makes it even more interesting.

The Testaccio Market is the place to come to learn about the gossip of the neighborhood and the weather forecast at the bar, stop for a quick checkup at the hairdresser, pick up a new pair of shoes, stock up on fresh products, sip a craft beer and then join the crowd waiting in line for one of Rome’s best sandwiches.