Wedding Dresses and Windy Veils

Wedding Dresses and Windy Veils

Rome, Italy

For most of history, brides did not wear wedding dresses. In ancient Rome, where marriages were an important social event, brides just wore long veils of deep yellow over a complicated six-part braided hairstyle. The yellow veil was described as being “the color of flame,” and thus the brides themselves were like torches, bringing light and warmth to their new husbands’ homes.

The after ceremony photographs, are the only moment in which the couple can completely devote themselves to the photographer, without distractions or anxieties. During this time, the bride and groom enjoy seeing each other for the first time on the wedding day.

Guests are usually at the buffet waiting to fill their stomachs with food and wine, so no one is in a hurry. 

Photographers focus on the couple and often the more spectacular of the two is the bride with her veil. In this particular photo the wind gave a big hand making it detach and twirl in the air as a symbol of freedom.

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