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    Michele Belloni

“If I get married, I want to be very married.”

– Audrey Hepburn –

Wedding Packages

I love essentiality and minimalism, which is why I decided to offer a single starting service, including everything you need, which can be customized if necessary.

You will have me and my second photographer for eight hours (adaptable on request), starting from the bride and groom’s house, telling the emotions of the ceremony, taking a photographic walk to make you relax and prepare for the fun that awaits you at the reception.

You will have at least three hundred guaranteed photographs and all the convenience of digital delivery. In fact, I will create a personal and private online photo gallery for you to share all the emotions of a unique day like your wedding, with whoever you want.

You will get all final photos at their maximum quality.

By now you will have guessed the approach: discreet, reserved, never intrusive and a spontaneous story through images tailored on you.

Finally, if you want to print some of the photographs you are particularly in love to, you can choose between an elegant wedding album (with the two respective mini albums for families) or the Made in Italy key box with customized pendrive and 80 prints included.

By choosing me you will have the guarantee of the exclusive professionalism of Sony Pro and TAU Visual photographers.

8 Hours

300 Guaranteed Photographs

2 Photographers

30 Days Delivery

Private Gallery

Fully Customizable

Wedding Album

A wedding album is the best way to represent the memories of your special day. Makes them even more concrete.

Photographs are the essence of your day and the reason why you choose the photographer, not their container. But if this one is wonderful, the end result will be truly high-end.

That’s why my advice is to keep the images in a high quality wedding album that will keep them over time.

I only choose the most precious handcrafted products: this is why I collaborate with Floricolor.

If you still have any questions about your future album, if you want more details on wedding photo shoots or if you need to chat with me on these topics, feel free to write me on Whatsapp or by mail. I will answer in less than 24h.

Bold Collection By Floricolor

Key Box

The love for simplicity and elegance led me to offer unique wedding packages and services. You can choose if they will be digitally delivered with a beautiful online gallery (secure and private) or you can always add a wonderful Key Box: completely handmade in Italy using only fine materials, it contains up to 80 printed photographs and USB Key with your names and all of your pictures.

From the research of IRO fabrics and from the possibilities of customization comes this small jewel inside which it is possible to keep a USB key and small prints on quality digital offset paper. A precious container in solid oak or linden to deliver your digital memories, accompanying them with the most beautiful shots in postcard format.

Iro Key Box – By Celebra Album
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