Wedding Shoot in Southern Italy

Wedding Shoot in Southern Italy

Some future spouses couples choose you out of empathy, out of sympathy, out of feeling. These are the couples that I love the most because they are always right: a relationship will soon be created that will always go beyond the simple photo shoot, as if it were a friendship, which bring you into a different dimension and allows you to create unique, intense, personal photographic shots.

Most of the time it is the photographer who has to empathically strive to create this feeling, often with wonderful results and sometimes having a hard time getting in tune with the groom or bride.

That’s why I always say that you have to meet at least once before the wedding day, at least virtually, to break the ice and begin to understand each other’s salient character aspects that can potentially enhance or compromise the final quality of the wedding photo shoot.

In this case Marianna, the bride, immediately showed an affection for me which led, together with her husband, to the creation of a friendship relationship that still lasts after years but, above all, she granted time and dedication to the wedding shoot after the ceremony, to obtain unforgettable shots of an equally unique day.

This kind of relationship also arises from the experience and professionalism of the photographer who must also be chosen on the basis of his professional guarantees.

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