A Delicate Wedding In Viterbo - Michele Belloni

A Delicate Wedding In Viterbo

A Delicate Wedding In Viterbo

The profession of the wedding photographer is first of all a passion, a vocation, a vibration that takes you inside every day and brings you to the next shoot, giving you strength and energy, stimuli and creativity. All this mix of sensations generate the approach of souls familiar to us, with a similar line of thought, with the same way of treating others: educationrespect.

Marco and Chiara were two spouses, pass me the term, “very delicate“: for the first time it is as if they were not there, instead of me and my staff (we are very discreet).

A getting ready dedicated to the laughter and joy of the bride’s maids, with Chiara in complete silence, assorted and enraptured by the emotions of the moment.

Marco got ready in a hurry because he couldn’t wait to go in front of the celebrant awaiting for his future bride.

Everything took place in the lovely location on the outskirts of Rome, known as the Convent of San Francesco, in Gallese (Viterbo).

We arrived in the evening tired but happy, especially for having shared with them a peaceful and exciting day like this.

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