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Jewish Wedding In Rome

Jewish Wedding In Rome

During my career as a wedding photographer I have experienced many religious ceremonies from various cultures.

What every time strikes me most is certainly the Jewish rite, with an indisputable charm and a deeply symbolic connotation, its function is very engaging as it is abundant in Middle Easterncustoms and rituals that the spouses and all the guests must know.

Luckily the photographer does not have this obligation.

And today in fact I tell the story of Diego and Flavia, two young people in love from Rome, both Jews, deeply tied to their religious traditions but who wanted me to tell their special day… in a deconsecrated church in the capital.

The exciting preparation of Flavia takes place in a central district of Rome who, in the company of her inseparable four-legged friend, proudly goes out alone from the main door of her building to get into the car that will take her to the church.

A very fast ceremony, the usual hugs and kisses, greetings for those who will not come to the reception and some group photos and then, finally, dedicate some time to relax for the most exciting photographs of the day.

Tenuta Giustiniana was chosen as the setting for an evening that went in the best way, leaving me and my staff with an indelible memory of two people who are truly happy to be united in the sacred wedding bond.

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