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Wedding In Rome – A Funny One

Wedding In Rome – A Funny One

Wedding In Rome: marriage is always a cause for celebration. If to get married is your videomaker with whom you have shared an adventure like your photographic studio for almost twenty years, everything takes on an even more exciting aspect. And, paradoxically, he didn’t want his wedding movie.

Marco and Benedetta are one of those indissoluble couples, where it seems that there is neither a beginning nor an end to their relationship; they were just always together and that is how it will be forever.

Something, honestly, very rare today.

The choice of their photographer was almost obvious, knowing well the style and quality of the final product intended as photographs and albums that I and my staff deliver. Moreover Benedetta participated in some fashion shoots with me as a model and she already felt completely at ease in front of my lens.

In fact, during the photo session after the ceremony, it was as if she had returned to pose for some fashion magazine while it was “simply” her special day.

Marco acted as a shoulder and support wonderfully everyone and the fun was not lacking at all. The dances lasted all night and the wedding day was unforgettable.

The reception was held in the wonderful Tenuta Giustiniana on the outskirts of Rome.

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