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Wedding In Rome – A True Love Story

Wedding In Rome – A True Love Story

Wedding Rome – A True Love Story. Of so many weddings I photographed since 1999, some remain truly imprinted and indelible over time. The main reason why this happens is the intensity of the feeling that two people manifest with so much simplicity and sweetness at the same time.

Alessandro and Silvia were one of the couples that I remember most fondly because of their spontaneous love for each other, being accomplices, wanting to become one thing also thanks to the marriage rite.

They contacted me after seeing my work, having searched for me on Google, asking immediately for an appointment. It was a period of transition for me: I was restoring my office in the historic center of Rome, trying to understand if it was still useful to have a fixed and huge expense like that, anticipating the working approach that is now called Smart Working.

Not needing a physical studio other than for clients meeting, I decided to put everything on standby and meet Alessandro and Silvia in a cool place for aperitifs in Rome.

They immediately told me that they wanted to get married out of love, not out of necessity and that it would be a party for a few close friends: in the end it was certainly an unforgettable event.

Alessandro, who by trade is a software developer and musician for passion, during the civil ceremony by the sea of the Roman coast, with a ballad by Metallica band in the background, suddenly pulled out of his jacket pocket a bunch of cards where there were written on them all the reasons why he had chosen Silvia as his wife.

They were both touched and with them, all the guests.

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